Vodou Riche: Contemporary Haitian Art 

August 27 – October 16, 2007

Vodou Riche: Contemporary Haitian Art is a group exhibition of recent work created within the social, political and spiritual context of Vodou, Haiti’s national religion. The artists embrace a history of appropriating imagery and incorporating found objects, a practice born from necessity and great invention. Haitian art absorbs and interprets visual culture so masterfully because of its foundation in Vodou, a culture that was born and survives due to its history of accommodation and inclusion. As Haitian artists embrace new methods and media, their work grows increasingly vital in the contemporary art world. In Haiti and its diaspora, artwork spans from urban artist collectives who create monumental sculpture from reclaimed materials to established artists who deconstruct traditional Haitian genres to illustrate contemporary issues. Painting, sculpture, photography, installation, video, textiles and assemblage are presented in this multimedia exhibition.

Vodou Riche challenges Haiti’s oft-used label “the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere” by presenting the abundance and wealth of Haiti’s creative output. While their country battles socioeconomic problems, Haitian artists embrace the richness of their culture by capturing Haiti’s irrepressible, vibrant and triumphant spirit.

Participating artists: Evelyn Alcide, Roudy Azor, Gabriel Bien-Aime, Jean Herard Celeur, Myrlande Constant, Maxence Denis, Obelto Desire, Civil Didier, Edouard Duval-Carrie, Andre Eugene, Jacques Eugene, Phyllis Galembo, Frantz Jacques, Veronique Leriche Fischetti, Jean Camillle Nasson, Frantz Zephirin

Curated by Neysa Page-Lieberman

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