Interview on Public Art with WBEZ

Happy to contribute to Carrie Shepard’s radio piece on the future of public art in Chicago. This important story discusses the challenges and inspirations of those of us on the front line of producing public, urban art. I was happy to invite Melanie Vazquez to contribute as well, whose gorgeous mural I curated for the Wabash Arts Corridor recently. To hear the story, click on this link and hit play.


MadC in Chicago! NPL Project's first public art project. MadC's largest mural to date. Press release below, incredible video here

1000 Wall Press Release.jpg

Revolution at Point Zero Promo Video Is Here!

Melissa Potter (my superhero co-curator) and I are thrilled to share our promo video for the Revolution at Point Zero: Feminist Social Practice project. Filmmaker Phil Worfel made this quick and punchy video to share highlights from the exhibition, performances and symposium. So many amazing artists featured here. Watch and join the Feminist Social Practice movement!

Feminist Social Practice Symposium / Open Engagement This Friday!

So thrilled to present the first ever symposium on #FeministSocialPractice this Friday, a featured program of the Open Engagement conference in Chicago. A free half day program at Columbia College Chicago, we are featuring artists, curators, scholars, performers, activists and other radical creative producers who are leading the way in a feminist-centered dialogue about contemporary socially-engaged art. We have ONLY 20 tickets left, grab yours here:

Yale Radio Interview

Had the great pleasure of chatting with Brainard Carey for his Yale Radio Interviews featuring "Lives of the Most Excellent Artists, Curators, Architects, Critics." We got to discuss all my favorite things including how much fun it is to cause trouble in the art world through feminism.

The article and 30-minute interview can be accessed here. 

Wabash Arts Corridor Crawl

I am thrilled to take the reigns of the Wabash Arts Corridor as the Chief Curator! Columbia produced this lovely profile of the 4th annual WAC Crawl 2016, and of myself and the Crawl producer, Shannon Bourne. Shannon and I are standing in front of one of my favorite WAC murals by Chicago artist ZorZorZor. 

Guerrilla Girls Exhibition Opens at 9th Museum at Stony Brook University

Not Ready to Make Nice: Guerrilla Girls in the Artworld and Beyond is nearing 5 years of touring, perhaps the longest running exhibition ever(?). The installation at Stony Brook University was just stunning and we added a few new works to the mix. Hanging out with GG Frida Kahlo and gallery director Karen Levitov was a big highlight. Loved giving a tour to a huge group of feminist New Yorkers!

Longest Revolution Kick-Off at Open Engagement

At the Open Engagement social practice conference in Oakland, CA, my co-collaborator, Melissa Potter, and I kicked off our multi-year research, exhibition and publication project, The Longest Revolution: Feminist Social Practice. Over the next two years we are building a traveling exhibition, consciousness-raising programs and a major publication on the fierce feminism that drives socially-engaged art. 

Midwest Art History Society in Chicago

The Midwest Art History Society arranged a lovely and engaging conference in Chicago last week. Melissa Potter and I did our first public presentations on our on-going research into feminist social practice. In the session I chaired, The Personal is Political: Feminist Social Practice, we introduced our goals for producing research, an exhibition called The Longest Revolution: Feminist Social Practice and a book that documents the feminist foundation for socially-engaged art. We were joined by our talented, smart colleagues Esther Thyssen and Jayne Cole who are doing important and inspiring research in this area. 

Great press for Bring Your Own Body at Glass Curtain Gallery

Thrilling to see all this great press rolling in for Bring Your Own Body: transgender between archives and aesthetics at Glass Curtain Gallery at Columbia College. This insightful Chicago Tribune article by Lori Waxman is among my favorites, and Kate Sierzputowski did in-depth research and interviews for her terrific piece in The Reader. More glowing reviews in New City and by our stellar student reporters in The Chronicle, which talks about our year-long exhibition series exploring gender issues and justice.